School Website Templates - for free with Jimdo

With these Jimdo School Website Templates, you can create a copy for your free (school) website in minutes.

  1. Click on this link: copy these free Jimdo school website templates.
  2. Log in to your Jimdo account or register for free.
    If you register for the first time, you'll receive an email from Jimdo: "Please confirm your email address". Click the "Confirm now" button in it. You will then be taken back to
  3. When asked "What would you like to create?" under "Website" click "Create Website".
  4. Click on "You can skip this step" under "What would you like to create?".
  5. At "Which Jimdo is best for you?" choose the package "free" for 0 Euro per month. Then you can test everything easily without any costs.
  6. Enter a Jimdo sub-domain, such as

Done! You now have your school website based on these design templates and you can add your contents. Detailed instructions on how to use these school website templates for the design of your school website can be found at